Corporate Zone

Business, Accountancy and Law - if your ambition is to work in one of these corporate fields, we will take care of you from the moment you leave school until you get a degree. Find out more from our further education courses, higher education courses, and degrees here.


If you’re good at managing money, you’re organised and like working with numbers, accounting could be right for you. Accountants help businesses grow, solve problems and work with complex data. You could move on to a career in banks, business or the public sector.

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Study Business at Bradford College to start your career as an entrepreneur. Want to be your own boss or work in a top company? Our courses will take you through the key business areas. You’ll also develop your communication skills and learn about marketing, management and human resources.

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As well as a Law A-Level, Bradford College also offers two qualifying law degrees designed to give you the skills employers want. Learn to present, talk to clients, negotiate and research. Expert tutors will support you all the way and you’ll benefit from our links to industry.

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