Uniformed Zone

Our Uniformed Zone is home to our courses in Professional and Leisure Services. These are vocation-focussed programmes that open the doors to careers where you might be expected to wear a uniform, such as the sports and fitness industry, hairdressing and beauty therapy, catering and hospitality, travel, aviation, tourism and events, and uniformed protective services (army, navy, fire service, protective services).

Catering and Hospitality

Jobs in the Catering and Hospitality industry are tough, creative and people-focused. At Bradford College, you’ll get to test your skills in our commercial restaurant, The Grove. You’ll learn to cook in kitchens instead of classrooms, and serve real customers.

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Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy

If you want to help people look and feel gorgeous, you should study Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy at Bradford College. You’ll learn in our commercial salon, accredited as a Wella Centre of Excellence. You’ll work with paying clients and train using the same products and kit as the professionals.

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Sports and Physical Activity

Turn your passion for sport, exercise or fitness into a career. Work with young people, community groups and the public. At Bradford College, you will learn and play in the same gym, courts and pitches as professional athletes – including Olympians.

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Travel, Aviation, Tourism and Events

Tour the world, work abroad and give clients the trip of a lifetime with a career in Travel and Tourism. Bradford College will help you build your communication, teamwork and organisation skills. You could go on to work for airlines, cruise ships, travel agents and tourist sites.

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Uniformed Protective Services

Make a difference in your community with a career in Public Services. Prepare for life in the RAF, Navy or Army, or in the police, fire or prison service. At Bradford College, you’ll learn from skilled tutors and those who’ve done the job. Get inside knowledge about your chosen career.

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